Long Term Capitalization


REQUESTED INVESTMENT – 50% of the overall global acquisition cost of the asset. Investor co-ownership ensure revenues as part of rental incomes and capital gain at sale.


Before acquisition – We will propose you a list of properties suitable for rental development. Once the choice is made, prior to setup the SPV required to perform the property acquisition, we will submit you a call option proposal allowing you to buy our future 50% SPV participation at a specific date whose terms shall not exceed 12 months counting from the date of Notary deed. The call option will carry a previously agreed price for transferring our share participation to your corporate entity equal to the 50% of the global cost of the property (our investment performed at the time of acquisition) plus a unique, one-time performance premium of 7.85%.

Detention period – Following call option agreement and property acquisition, we will use the first 12 months to fully develop and maximize rental revenues. At terms expiration, we will be happy to deliver you the property for which you will get 100% ownership.


REQUIREMENTS – A minimal knowledge of Luxembourg property market is advisable prior to enter into any agreement. Doing some researches and catch up with some market reports may suffice for a first property investment with us. As for Short-term joint-ventures operations, we advise investors entering our Long-term Capitalization program to consider performing their joint-partnership investment with us through a corporate entity or holding of their choice in order to ease operations and take best profit of tax reliefs. You may ask for counsel your professional advisers about which typology of company may best suit your interests. For more details and graphics visit our SPV page.


ADVANTAGE – An investment carrying consolidated and verified returns, easily manageable and whose value may only increase with time.