The Company was founded in 2016 by our CEO Roberto Agostini with the purpose of making available to investors its expertise in the local property business. the-company-management

Class 1974 with double nationality – Luxembourgish and Italian – he has a degree in Science of Business Administration with a specialization in Corporate Economy and has worked at the European Court of Auditors, at the Fund Registration Department of Deloitte S.A. and at the Asset Management of the Luxembourg branch of Banca Sella, one of the oldest Italian privately owned banking group.

He enjoys perfect fluency in French, English, Italian and Spanish.

Acting as a private investor in the Luxembourg real estate industry since 2002 he has gained valuable and deep knowledge of all dynamics related, concluding over the years many successful property operations. Details on past records can be obtained on demand by active members upon previous NDA acknowledgement. For registration kindly visit our form page.