Members Acceptance

Entering our club and become an active player is easy and straightforward, provided that all required documents are timely sent for assessment.
Here are the steps to follow accordingly to your category.

For Investors

Register to our club is only possible by filling our Investor Registration Form.

» Once received the form, provided that all data are accurate, we will perform a first screening on your profile. Your data provided on the form will let us to judge if in terms of background and other parameters you may correspond to our “qualified investor” category. Users opting for our MicroInvesting Program can still access our Club tough even in case of some non-qualifying parameters and acceptance will be made on specific basis.

» Checking your profile will take 2 business days. We will then get back in touch to you with our assessment.

» Should you pass the screening, we may ask you for some scan of documents (i.e. ID or passport scans, proof of residency etc.) and/ or other relevant material at our discretion. Failure to comply will interrupt the membership process.

» After receiving the requested documents, the process will terminate and you will become member of our Club. In order to provide you with all privileged access to our features as well as our property listings, you will receive an ID and a password. They will allow you to enter our website anytime, to get in touch with our Member Care dedicated helpline and to communicate directly with our Board. From that moment, you will be entitled to start to actively invest with us.

» Your membership will have no expiration date.