Short-Term Joint-Ventures



REQUESTED INVESTMENT – 49% of the overall global acquisition cost of the asset. Investor co-ownership ensure revenues as part of rental incomes and capital gain at sale.

MODUS OPERANDI – The investor will enjoy maximized rental performance without the various hassles as managing incomes, deal with tenants claims and perform property maintenance which will all pertain to the Company during a detention period of up to 36 months. At property sale, which may occur at terms maturity or before, net capital gain will be redistributed according to initial shares distribution (51% vs 49%). For more details and graphics visit our SPV page.

REQUIREMENTS – A grasp of Luxembourg property market would be appreciated but in terms of a short-term investment it’s not a must. Instead, investors are strongly advised to perform their joint-partnership investment with us through a corporate entity or holding of their choice in order to ease operations and take best profit of tax reliefs. You may ask for counsel your professional advisers about which typology of company may best suit your interests. A Luxembourg Soparfi presents relatively small costs in terms of both setup fees, capital requirements and accountancy charges. Other Luxembourg entities although carrying different capital requirements may prove of a certain interest depending on which use you may plan for financial operations to come. In any other case, we suggest you chose a corporate entity among countries having signed and ratified a double tax treaty with Luxembourg and whose list can be found here.

ADVANTAGE – Be part of the whole process of a complete property investment in Luxembourg from day one to sale. Enjoy steady returns and capital gains while avoiding all responsibility of direct management.