Structure and Mission

ROSE AND HAWKS S.A. is structured as a closed real estate fund reserved to both private and institutional placements. All invested amounts are placed on a basis of duration of no less than 36 months unless otherwise agreed.the-company-structure-and-mission

The corporate mission is realized with the creation of an added value which will obviously add up to the market value of the property. The ability to create immediate profitability allows a solid value increase of the assets in terms of percentage over a period of 24 to 36 months.

This has nothing to do with real estate speculation. Instead, it concerns buying underrated properties unfairly valued or not being fully exploited, and reintroducing them on the local real estate market at a much more reasonable price in line with the actual trend. The deep knowledge of the market by the management combined with a 15 years experience in the field leads to expect very effective returns guaranteed to last.

Every annual ROI is sustained by the timely resale of each asset following an internal policy based on a clear company strategy. No property is actually detained for more than 36 months following the date of acquisition. This quick assets turnover will ensure a steady return of liquidity together with the capital gain realized through each single resale.