The Company as a “Property Emporium”


The true essence of our operational nature rely on the purchase and resale of real estate assets, reflecting a “global and total trading” concept inspired by the ancient, original definition of the Roman Emporium when in 193 BC the aedileship of Marcus Aemilius Lepidus and Lucius Aemilius went to rebuild a new port city in the southern part of ancient Rome instead of the old river port, leading to regrouping local activities and a souring of specialized trades on a global shape.

Diversity of offers is also a main part of the Emporium trade philosophy. We always carry an updated portfolio of high-yield properties ready to be delivered on a turn-key basis to any of our investors, anytime on a wide range of prices and no matter their chosen amounts.

Our activity is focused exclusively on high-return real estate properties on specific Luxembourg locations, identified and selected on the basis of their potential in terms of ROI. At the same time we do not and will not consider any other form of alternative investments other than local real estate.

 The property asset management strategy can be summarized by the following cyclic steps:

a. ) Acquisition of real estate

b.) Quick setup and development of ROI

c.) Resale of assets in a limited time frame capped to a maximum horizon of 36 months

d.) Reinvestment of a wide part of its capital gains to further increase its penetration into the market and thus exponentially increase both turnover and corporate earnings.

Considering the above information and its specific features, Rose And Hawks S.A. may be the ideal choice of those specific investors who require:

– Competence and experience ;
– Tendency to favor facts more than words ;
– Tangible figures ;
– Operational transparency ;
– Attitude to act on a discretional level ;
– Privileged and sincere relations that go beyond the mere professional contact

and of course – and above all – long-term returns in order to allow them to diversify and consolidate their capitals notwithstanding a deflationary, comatose global economic environment following years of ineffective quantitative easing and where nominal interest rates still stagnate on zero-sum trends.